Your Heavenly Father knows

This is one of the greatest joys.  To know that your Heavenly Father knows what you are going through.  When we are faced with difficulty and challenge, we can sometimes begin to think that God does not know what we are facing or we may even get to the point where we think God has […]

Your Heavenly Father wants to lead you

You have a Heavenly Father who wants to lead and guide you every step of the way.  Life can be hard, but God is there and He wants to bring you through. Isaiah 58:11 And the Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy you with all good things, and keep you healthy too; and you […]

Your Heavenly Father forgives you

Your Heavenly Father wants to forgive you.  God knows that sin stands in the way of everything that He has in store for us.  God wants to make sure that there is nothing in the way and nothing that condemns us.  At the same time He knows what we are facing and He knows that […]

Your Heavenly Father cares for you

Because as a result of God’s love for us, He wants to take care of us. The Bible tells us that our Heavenly Father cares for us.  The dictionary tells us that to CARE means that: 1. God feels concern for us! 2. God is interested in us, and in what we may be facing. 3. […]

Your Heavenly Father loves you

One of the greatest messages that you and I need to hear is the fact that God loves us.  You are valuable and precious to God.  It does not matter what anyone has told you to the contrary! Matthew 6:26 Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into […]

You have a Heavenly Father

You have a Heavenly Father.  When Jesus was on the earth He told us about our Heavenly Father.  In fact, He taught us how to pray and in this way introduced us to God. This is how Jesus taught us to pray:  It started off with: ‘OUR FATHER, who art in Heaven’.  We can approach […]

Our Heavenly Father

We must never forget the wonderful fact that we have a Heavenly Father and that He loves you and me.  It really does not matter how you may be feeling.  The fact is that your Heavenly Father loves you and you are valuable and precious to God.  Right now His love is reaching out to […]


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