The total surrender concept

We sing the song I SURRENDER ALL! But do we mean it and do we do it? God is looking for total surrender, in humbleness and willingness. I believe that Jesus set the example for us. At the time of His greatest challenge He prayed an awesome prayer. Luke 22:42 “Father, if You are willing, please take this cup […]

The destructive sacrifice idea

This is a dimension where we can allow control to become destructive in our lives. We can allow this aspect of control to become something that is out of step with God’s word and principles. I have had good Christian people tell me that God told them to get divorced. Years ago we had a church in […]

The sleeping partner idea

In business you find the concept of a ‘sleeping partner’. Sleeping partners invest money in the business and share in its profits, but do not take part in running it. They are uninvolved in the day to day management. Often ‘sleeping partners’ are brought in for legal, financial or specialist functions. It is also known as a […]

The 99% control idea

Here we give God control over almost everything. 99% represents almost everything. What people see from the outside may leave them feeling impressed that we are ‘sold out’ to God. But there is some area, some aspect, some dimension that we have held onto and not completely given into His hands. You see we all have a free […]

The 51% control idea

Years ago I was part of a negotiation between two organizations. It was a critical negotiation that would determine the future of Christian television broadcasting in our country. The government had given the organizations an ultimatum to work together and then they (the government) would make certain broadcasting opportunities available to Christians. So the negotiations […]

What stops people from giving God the complete control of their lives?

I have thought about this one long and hard and I believe there are several major themes that stop people from surrendering their all to God. 1. Fear – God is love and we have no reason to fear. 1 John 4:18 ‘There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has […]

Forgiveness is the key to freedom

Unforgiveness holds onto the right to be offended.  Giving the gift of forgiveness brings freedom.  We all want this freedom in our lives. The problem is that life gives us reason to be offended and wronged. It is an inevitable part of life. For this reason we need to learn to forgive so that we […]

Forgiveness is a gift

Forgiveness is something very special.  Forgiveness is a gift. Forgiveness is a gift that you can give to someone else.  It is also a gift that you can withhold. Most times forgiveness is an underserved gift that you and I can give to those who have wronged us. Giving this gift brings freedom, while withholding […]

God expects us to forgive

Again and again in the Bible we see that God expects us to be forgiving people. If God expects us to forgive, why would we feel it is better to hold on to our offence and Unforgiveness? Jesus set the greatest example. As He was hanging on the cross fro a crime He had never committed, […]

Sowing and reaping forgiveness

The principle of sowing and reaping also affects our lives.  What we sow we will reap.  We all want to receive forgiveness when we have made a mistake or have done something wrong. If you want to reap forgiveness you need to sow forgiveness. If we sow mercy we will reap mercy.  If we demand […]


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