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The Right Time

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Your Word for 24 May 2024

Isaiah 49:16
‘See, I have engraved you on the palms of My hands…’

There is a time (an instant) when God moves. The story of Joseph is an example. God gave him dreams of things to come. But from that point on, everything went wrong. We was rejected, abandoned, sold into slavery, abused, falsely accused and imprisoned. There he was forgotten. Some experts estimate that this period was about 14 years and then in one day he went from the prison to the throne! It may not be in the time frame that we would have thought best, BUT, He knows best. The time comes when God responds and acts.
Psalm 119:126 ‘Lord, it is time for you to act.’
Psalm 37:7 ‘Rest in the Lord; wait patiently for Him to act.’
Psalm 42:11 ‘But, O my soul, don’t be discouraged. Don’t be upset. Expect God to act!’
There is a time for God to act.
This is another moment in time. A time of victory and rejoicing. A moment of joy in the realization that God has answered, has heard and has come through for us.
Psalm 18:1-2 This song of David was written at a time when the Lord had delivered him from his many enemies, including Saul. ‘Lord, how I love You! For You have done such tremendous things for me. The Lord is my fort where I can enter and be safe; no one can follow me in and slay me. He is a rugged mountain where I hide; He is my Savior.’
Maybe this has been what you have been longing for. Just as God come through for the great men of faith in the Bible, so He wants to come through for each of us. Have you given up? Don’t, victory could be just around the corner.
There are times and season for everything.
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 There is a right time for everything: A time to be born; a time to die; A time to plant; a time to harvest; A time to kill; a time to heal; A time to destroy; a time to rebuild; A time to cry; a time to laugh; A time to grieve; a time to dance; A time for scattering stones; a time for gathering stones; A time to find; a time to lose; A time for keeping; a time for throwing away; A time to tear; a time to repair; A time to be quiet; a time to speak up; A time for loving; a time for hating; A time for war and a time for peace.
Whatever season you may find yourself in, may you embrace that period and allow your trust to be in the One who can be trusted. His timing (moment or instant when things happen) is impeccable! In Christ alone I place my trust and find my glory in the power of the cross, in every victory, let it be said of me, that my source of strength and my source of hope is in Christ alone.
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