Daily Bible Verse:              Matthew 5:14

‘You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.’

- The Lord wants His light to shine through us into a broken and dark world.
- The light of God in you makes you different.
- Light brings with it the warmth and the hope of all that is longed for.
- Be a beacon of light and bring hope and joy to others around you.

Prayer: Lord, may my life be one of purpose and destiny, as I reflect and shine Your light into the world around me. Cause me to be a beacon of hope, a lighthouse of protection, and a source of comfort to others. Amen.

Daily Bible Verse: Matthew 5:14
‘You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.’

Daily Bible Verse: Matthew 4:19
‘Come, follow Me,’ Jesus said.

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June 12, 2020


Stand with your children and give them your support. If one of them is battling, help them. Your children must never become a burden, they must always remain your prized possession. If they experience problems stay with them. Never distance yourself from them. Stay connected to them


Communication is such a vital part of our relationships. Communicate not to say things, but communicate to say how much you love and appreciate. Find out what their needs are. Make an effort to meet those needs.  Open up to your children. Impart life to them. Make it known to them, how much they mean to you. Communication helps us stay connected with each other.


Give them a reason to live. Show them the right way and egg them on. Tell them that they are doing the right thing. Urge them forward. Give them purpose and help them realise that they have a destiny to fulfil. They are not here by mistake.

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